Isil. ISTJ. turk. a seventeen-year-old college student, fashion lover and photography fan. i drink lots of coffee and sing. +
Q: any male celebs who you like their body? (Anonymous)

Chris Evans????

Q: can you tell me where the quote in your bio came from?? (Anonymous)

Sure, it’s from here i shared some time ago.

Q: post a photo of yourself? (Anonymous)

yeah, there you go :) x

Q: Please make more of VA edits!!! (Anonymous)

Aah, I will but I have exams right now :( As soon as they are over I’ll definitely try to make some!

Q: hi, I want ask how did u put pic when someone hover the mouse on your icon and then there is this background. I put it, but no picture comes out. why? (Anonymous)
A:, go there and edit your appearance and make sure that you saved it!

Q: nice theme! (Anonymous)

Thank you!! ♥

Q: what attracts you to a man? (Anonymous)

Umm, the hair, a sincere smile and perfume i think. 

Q: i'm not sure if you know about the tumblr gif change thing because it allows close to 2mb on gifs in photosets that are more than 2 just to let you know in case you're having trouble (Anonymous)

Thank you! I was kinda having trouble really.

Q: could you post a selfie?? (Anonymous)

there you go my twitter photo! x

Q: do you watch orphan black?? (Anonymous)

Yes! I started yesterday and now i’m watching 1x09! It’s very exciting! 

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