Anonymous said:
hey! what does "ell" mean as in your desc?

It means English Language & Literature :)

Anonymous said:
what's your twitter?

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Anonymous said:
Your blog is amazing!!!!

Thank you!! ♥

21 + 40 please

21. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having.

It’s way to much hot and i’m so tired. :(

40. Did you have a good day yesterday?

It was decent, I guess. x

Anonymous said:
any male celebs who you like their body?

Chris Evans????

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rkloving said:
congrats!!!! and good luck in college!

Thank you so much!! ♥


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Anonymous said:
can you tell me where the quote in your bio came from??

Sure, it’s from here i shared some time ago.

Anonymous said:
post a photo of yourself?

yeah, there you go :) x

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We should have secret meetings with all the Turk bloggers lol. Though questionable how many of us are actually happy.

Yes, YES! We may be could find some people though.

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Yaaay, finally Someren else who is Turkish too wooow do you live in turkey?

Yeah! In Istanbul.

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