Anonymous said:
post a photo of yourself?

yeah, there you go :) x

We should have secret meetings with all the Turk bloggers lol. Though questionable how many of us are actually happy.

Yes, YES! We may be could find some people though.

Yaaay, finally Someren else who is Turkish too wooow do you live in turkey?

Yeah! In Istanbul.

Love your blog, are you Turkish?

thank you!! yes, I’m turkish :)

hellsbella said:
Hey, I'm curious how to pronounce your name as in Isil or Izil or /aizl/ ?

It’s close to Ishil/Izil :)

Anonymous said:
Please make more of VA edits!!!

Aah, I will but I have exams right now :( As soon as they are over I’ll definitely try to make some!

Anonymous said:
hi, I want ask how did u put pic when someone hover the mouse on your icon and then there is this background. I put it, but no picture comes out. why?, go there and edit your appearance and make sure that you saved it!

That stewy edit is beautiful holy shit!!

Thank you!! ♥

Anonymous said:
nice theme!

Thank you!! ♥

Anonymous said:
what attracts you to a man?

Umm, the hair, a sincere smile and perfume i think. 

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