Isil.ISTJ turk. a seventeen year old college student, fashion lover and photography fan. i drink lots of coffee and sing. i mostly depend on queue atm.
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7 Oct       11:39 PM

do you still have a boyfriend?

No actually, we broke up some months ago.

6 Oct       2:42 AM

you're rather silent lately like very lately like for a very long time! i'd like to see more of your posts... love attack for Isil <3

I’m always silent actually some days i feel talkative and talk in tags? idek

I’m very pleased for this attack really because i keep reblogging stuff and create nothing new, it pretty much downs me and no imagination + being busy sucks! blame collage for that lol

6 Oct       2:34 AM        +1

everything you do is pretty awesome! actually you should get more credit for that (ps. loving your themes)

wow, thank you so much!! ♥

6 Oct       2:28 AM        +1

well hii! i really loved your themes and stuff but why not considering more themess? for us?? who is desperate for more nice themes?

Aah, hey there! I really want to create some new themes but i really don’t like what i do at the moment but if i make one and be pleased with it of course i’d post it!! x

3 Oct       1:29 AM        +4

bro i literally have like 4 different color leather jackets and every time i wear one i feel like i could conquer the world

definitely!! also i laid my eyes on a red one, it’s like an addiction i feel ya ♥

19 Sep       1:29 AM

hey! what does "ell" mean as in your desc?

It means English Language & Literature :)

8 Sep       2:35 AM        +1

what's your twitter?

2 Sep       3:29 AM

Your blog is amazing!!!!

Thank you!! ♥

27 Aug       9:52 PM

21 + 40 please

21. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having.

It’s way to much hot and i’m so tired. :(

40. Did you have a good day yesterday?

It was decent, I guess. x

23 Aug       9:06 PM        +1

any male celebs who you like their body?

Chris Evans????