some of you guys asked for my current theme, i just managed to customize it and here it is! :)

  • theme made by Isil @ stewheart
  • sidebar picture dimensions: 150 x 210
  • you are able to add 3 more links (will be 5 links in total)
  • pop-up ask page is available, all you need to do is to write your tumblr username (e.g. stewheart) into username blank
  • you can add a quote etc. if you like, to the bottom of the page by writing the text into subtitle blank
  • please, do not remove or edit the credit and do not use as a base code and like if you use it
  • live-preview, you can experience it on my blog right now
  • code (will be up on freetexthost later)
  • enjoy lovelies! ♥
15 Sep   /  24 notes